First In Financial

Back in 2013, my group of CMU-alumni were working on AI-based investment systems.

We each came up with a system, and invested some money of our own. Grabbing data from where we could (XBRL, because we had no Morningstar terminals), we created and tested our systems.

My “fundamental” system was an evolving neural net AI which invests in undervalued stocks based on Benjamin Graham’s variables.

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Each 3 months, it would give a set of stock signals that would “beat the market” on average.

Sometimes it would show incredible gains. This latest 6 month period has shown unbelievable gains: a 102% return since November 1st 2020.

After 6 years of testing since 2014, with my own IRA and other investments, my AI system has shown 26% average annual growth.

Here is the 102% growth (from 11/1/2020 as of 2/23/2021):

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We had a second set of stock picks in February 2021, which gained 25% growth, for a total of 132% gains since November 2020! (As of 3/22/2021)

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