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How to measure anything

We can measure anything.

According to Doug Hubbard, author of “How to measure Anything” there are methods and more methods out there for measuring whatever we wish to measure. We take surveys, have a vote, get estimates by experts, or just count.

Does a thing have an effect on you or your company but is difficult to quantify? You can measure its effect with a survey, such as poor employee morale, the effects of losing parking spaces, or the coolness of a CEO.

Does a thing not exist yet but you are working on it? You can ask reliable experts, and even increase their reliability with calibration.

Do you not know what to measure because you want to know what has the greatest effect? You can measure the effects of various things on you as well. How much does the chance of a hurricane effect your house price? There exists tons of tools for just that.

Similarly, in investments, there are measurements for everything. Maybe too many. But whether you find the measurement you are looking for or not, it is out there.

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