Angel Financial Advisor

Are you running an “Angel Fund” looking for a quant to get 21% annual returns? Do you want to get more money to help more people? Angel Funds are always looking for stellar returns, for helping others, and for removing fraud. We would be a good fit together. Take stock of your pool of uninvested  Read more ➝

Financial Engineering

Financial engineering is the application of mathematical methods to the solution of problems in finance. What can finance learn from mathematics? We can greatly improve returns if we know how money flows through the systems we build and how to keep capital safe from exploitation and waste. As we go through each investment, we look  Read more ➝


“Quant” is short for quantitative analysis. It involves using stock data from many years, algorithms, computers and figuring out what maximizes investments or minimizes risk. If you are looking for financial advisory services from a quant who was trained in computer science, observe my portfolio. My personal financial returns, currently around 20% per year. My  Read more ➝

Scientifically Proven

To the best of my knowledge and abilities, the 412 system has been scientifically proven over the last 5 years. There was a hypothesis, that high value stocks can be found through an algorithm, which would beat the market. There was over 3 dozen tests on backtests, forward tests, and side-by-side tests. Each test could  Read more ➝

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Stock picks August

STOCK PICKS FOR AUGUST The 412 algorithm identifies stocks, and some friends give the thumbs up or down on each. At the end, you will see the list of stocks used for my personal financial investment. As of 9/25, the results are here: Confirmed by others HSON +0% seems ok BBW seems ok XELB +15%  Read more ➝

How to measure anything

We can measure anything. According to Doug Hubbard, author of “How to measure Anything” there are methods and more methods out there for measuring whatever we wish to measure. We take surveys, have a vote, get estimates by experts, or just count. Does a thing have an effect on you or your company but is  Read more ➝