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We are your value stock finding AI service with a 20% IRR in 7 years of live trading.

Value Proposition

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: You should put 50% of your investment in stocks and 50% in bonds. This is your 50% stocks, what we recommend will increase your returns, can be customized for risk, and will improve your ability to regain value after a market downturn.

We will also remove scams, and can use AI to identify fake numbers.

We believe this is so much better than index funds, that it eventually will replace them. You can use this today!

Is it solid?

The system is based on the rock-solid Benjamin Graham value investing system. Each variable used was chosen because it is proven in research to improve returns if you base your investment based on that one variable.

The AI combines the variables and checks that the numbers are real.

How was it created?

Back in 2013, my group of CMU-alumni were working on AI-based investment systems. We were all computer scientists, AI experts, who were looking to invest our own personal money over the long term, and to beat the market average.

We each came up with a system, and invested some money of our own. Grabbing XBRL data, we created and tested our systems with our own money.

My “fundamental” system was an evolving neural net AI which invests in undervalued stocks based on Benjamin Graham’s variables. Each of those variables are scientifically proven to beat the market alone, so the challenge was combining them to get the best result.

20% IRR over 7 years of live trading!

Each 3 months, it would give a set of stock signals that would “beat the market” on average.

Sometimes it would show incredible gains. This latest 9 month period has shown unbelievable gains: a 132% return since November 1st 2020.

After 6 years of testing since 2014, with my own IRA and other investments, my AI system has shown 27% average annual growth.

Here is the 132% growth proof of our email list (from 11/1/2020 as of 6/23/2021):

The SAAS sent to exclusive members had a second set of stock picks in February 2021, which gained 21% growth, In May 2021, we gained an additional 3.6% (so far) for a total of 132% gains since November 2020! (As of 3/22/2021)

We are now using “empathy filter” for a total package of “AI with empathy” and are consulting with top data scientists on new “deep reinforcement learning” methods, which have already been created.

Past results do not guarantee future returns.

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