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Stock picks August

STOCK PICKS FOR AUGUST The 412 algorithm identifies stocks, and some friends give the thumbs up or down on each. At the end, you will see the list of stocks used for my personal financial investment. As of 9/25, the results are here: Confirmed by others HSON +0% seems ok BBW seems ok XELB +15%  Read more ➝

How to measure anything

We can measure anything. According to Doug Hubbard, author of “How to measure Anything” there are methods and more methods out there for measuring whatever we wish to measure. We take surveys, have a vote, get estimates by experts, or just count. Does a thing have an effect on you or your company but is  Read more ➝

Investments you should not know

Some forms of trading out there may drive you mad, and your portfolio either sky high or to zero. Short selling means you will buy a stock and “lend” it to some other fellow. You are sure the stock is overvalued and will drop soon, so you lend that stock to somebody else and wait  Read more ➝

What is a fraud?

That is the wrong question. A fraud is a person. It is not a system, or a specific script, or a scheme, or a lie. Remember the key difference between the “who” and the “what.” Who your investment strategies are with, and who they invest with in turn, will determine whether you get scammed or  Read more ➝