Specific Plan

Here is the specific plan to handle the industry disruption: Have me use my training as an enterprise architect to gather requirements for custom indexes from several local financial advisors. Allow me to coordinate a request to CMU , Google and others to have students work on algorithms, data, and backtests, managed by me (due  Read more ➝

Financial Advisor “Disruption”

When Uber and Lyft invaded the taxi industry, Turbotax disrupted the tax industry, and Amazon disrupted retail, delivery, and many other industries, many denied their risk. The robots are coming for financial advisors. We should try to manage risk, even embrace it. Disruption will happen, but it is survivable for those who adapt. The personal  Read more ➝

Market down – when and where to invest in the recovery

Many people are wondering where to invest now.The best answer, if you don’t have the resources to do a fundamental computer analysis, would be to go for the index funds and waiting.Many stores are falling apart, like macy’s, jcpenny, and others. Their stock prices are too low to even short sell them. It is almost  Read more ➝

We Just Learned Our Lesson, But What Did We Learn?

Right now, if you ask most people, they will tell you what they think we have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, if we haven’t learned as a society, then we haven’t learned at all. What could we have done better from the start? What will we do better next time? Spoiler Alert: There will  Read more ➝

Unemployment – how the employed can support the unemployed

We decided for numerous reasons to respond to the pandemic by issuing stay at home orders in many states and nations. This has led to people being unable to care for family members with disabilities. Unemployment rocketed to 20% or more, levels not seen since the great depression. Many local businesses will not survive. Poor  Read more ➝